Top Selling Commercial Bunks

Maxwood’s modular Commercial series of beds, lofts & bunks come in a variety of sizes, heights & configurations, so there’s a solution to meet most needs! When helping select the right product we start by considering room dimensions (including ceiling height). Although there are 1000s of possible configurations, there’s a number of top-selling products.

Even small spaces can be converted to comfortable sleeping spaces. Oftentimes it’s expensive and time-consuming to get a custom piece made to fit. Contact our design team and we’ll recommend a configuration without the custom price tag!

Classic Bunks

Nothing beats a bunk bed when it comes to accommodating the most guests, especially with added trundle! Classic Bunks are available in 3 standard finishes & can be customized when ordering factory direct (minimums apply). If space allows, consider adding Queen Bunks which are more appealing to adult guests. And possibly upgrading to Staircase entry which provides added storage & makes bedding changes easier! Queen Bunks also come with side ladder options which creates a more open feel to the bottom bunk.

Staggered Bunks

A variation of the Queen bunk is a Twin XL over Queen. While it takes up the same footprint, this design opens up the room visually.

Quad Bunks

Quad Bunks

Quad Bunks are the best way to maximize sleeping space, and come in a variety of configurations.

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