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Our Commercial Series & Services

Our line of contract and commercial-grade bunk beds and loft beds are designed in a modular system and can be configured to ensure a perfect fit in a wide variety of floorplans and commercial spaces. The Maxwood Commercial Furniture Series features solid wood bed frames in a range of sizes, including Twin XL, ideal for student accommodations, hotel family suites, and more. 

Need a bunk modification or something different altogether? Let us create custom commercial furniture for your space. Our manufacturing capabilities and low minimum order quantities make it possible to create something unique and ship a container directly to you. From wooden beds to case goods, Maxwood’s facilities can create unique furniture sets for dormitories, turnkey properties, senior living facilities, vacation rental properties and more. 

• Hotel Bunk Beds

• Dorm Bunk Beds

• Vacation Rental Bunk Beds

• Student Loft Beds

• Adult Bunk Beds

• Commercial Quality Bunk Beds

Maxwood Commercial Contract Benefits

Commercial Series

Find elegant, safe, and configurable furnishings perfect for turn key properties, hotels/motels, student accommodations & more.

Exclusive Trade Discounts

With MaxWood you can expect competitive pricing, low minimum order quantities, trade discounts, and tax exempt purchases.

Custom Product Design

You’ll have access to complimentary design services with our Charleston-based design team, which specializes in creating unique furnishing solutions.

Dedicated Trade Team

Our dedicated trade team will support your projects from beginning to end! Just ask how we can help with projects large to small.

Safety Standards

Our patented “Rock-Lock” Hardware makes strong, ultra-sturdy connections. Our furniture consistently meets and exceeds all Federal Safety Standards.

Shipping & Supply Chain

Our products are manufactured in our dedicated factory in Vietnam while distribution is managed from one of our US-based warehouses.


Single Beds

Transform your commercial space with our sleek and supportive single beds. Perfect for hotels, guesthouses, or vacation rentals, these beds offer the perfect retreat for your guests, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep and a rejuvenating stay.

Bunk Beds

Maximize your commercial property’s capacity with our space-saving and versatile bunk beds. Whether it’s a beach house, dormitory, or summer camp, our bunk beds provide a fun and practical solution, allowing you to accommodate more guests without compromising on comfort.

Triple Bunk Beds

Take your commercial accommodations to the next level of efficiency with our triple bunk beds. Ideal for group lodges, rental properties, and dormitories, these beds offer the perfect sleeping setup for larger parties. With their smart design and sturdy construction, you’ll provide comfort for your guests while optimizing space.

Quad Bunk Beds

Welcome more guests and create unforgettable shared experiences with our spacious quad bunk beds. Whether it’s a retreat center, summer camp, or group lodging, these beds offer ample sleeping space, ensuring everyone has their favorite sleeping space.

Corner Bunk Beds

Make the most of your commercial space with our innovative corner bunk beds. Designed to fit snugly into corners, these beds save valuable floor space and provide a unique and cozy sleeping setup. Perfect for vacation rentals and cozy retreats, our corner bunk beds offer a smart solution for maximizing your property’s potential.

Large Bunk Beds

Accommodate guests of all ages and provide ultimate comfort with our large bunk beds. Our full and queen sized bunk beds are designed to maximize sleep capacity in any rental or commercial space. These beds offer generous sleeping quarters for families and large groups without compromising on aesthetics.

Loft Beds

Elevate your commercial space with our sturdy and functional loft beds. Perfect for boutique hotels, student housing, or turn-key properties, these beds add a touch of sophistication while optimizing space. With room underneath for a cozy reading nook, workspace, or storage area, our loft beds provide both style and practicality.

Storage Beds

Provide guests and tenants with a clutter-free stay by furnishing your rooms with convenient storage beds. Designed with built-in drawers or compartments, these beds provide extra space to stow away belongings, making them ideal beds for lodges, camps, vacation rentals and more.

Custom Commercial Beds

Tailor your commercial sleeping solutions to meet your exact needs with our custom-made beds. Whether you’re furnishing a hotel, dormitory, or any other business, our custom beds offer personalized designs and superior craftsmanship. Create a unique and inviting atmosphere that sets your commercial property apart from the rest.


XL Commercial Series

Adult Series

Commercial Buying

Student Series

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